Who are we

Our language school has acted since 2006 and at the moment we have more than 300 students each half year period..

The name of our company ALRETE s.r.o. became from an English sentence ALways REady to TEach you. This slogan is our thought too.

Although a large variety of courses teach English language, we teach You also French.

We want you to feel as comfortably as possible and that’s why we think about your needs. If you have too much work, and not enough free time to drink a cup of coffee or tea here you can fix one, free of charge. If you have forgotten a pen or paper, don’t worry, we’ve thought about this too, so anything you need, you will find in your classroom.

The address of our language school is in the centre of the town in Ivančice on the street of Jana Schwarze number 4. These premises are adapted to our students needs. Here students find 5 modern classrooms.

We cooperate with language schools MORAVIA, ALBION MORAVIA a Jazyková škola P.A.R.K

Our history